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"XO" Outfit Inspiration

Beyonce Inspired StyleBeyonce XO Outfit InspirationBeyonce XO Outfit InspirationBeyonce XO Outfit InspirationBeyonce XO Outfit Inspiration

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If you're new around here, you're looking at Part 2 of Beyoncé week (catch up HERE)! I think the answer to "Why Beyoncé week?" would be pretty self-explanatory because after all she is thee Queen B, but while planning for the week I've realized that it's much more than that (here's where I'm about to get real sappy about my love for Beyoncé).

Truth is, she's been there for me for years! I can remember all the way back to the Destiny's Child days and how "Independent Women" got me through always being the girl with a few close friend rather than 50 acquaintances. More recently, during my last half marathon while I began to tackle a hill around mile 9 thinking "I literally cannot do one. more. hill." miraculously "Survivor" came on my Pandora and gave me the motivation I needed! "Single Ladies," "Me, Myself, and I," and "Girl" all got me through awkward crushes and high school break-ups. "Love on Top," reminds me of jamming out to the song on repeat with my best friend and of course my current relationship :) Her most recent album is helping me channel this confident, perfectionist, imma-do-what I-want vibe I've had going on lately. Almost every one of her songs reminds me of some point in my life that could lead me to a goofy, reminiscent, story. So that is why "Beyoncé week" is happening. Sorry for my love of Beyoncé reaching borderline creepiness. I swear I only cried a little bit at her concert last summer (just forget about the fact that it was really really hard for me to stop once the tears began).

On another note, I had a lot of fun assembling this outfit. Feel free to laugh at me for saying that because it's clearly just a bunch of basic pieces put together. But they are put together in a way I wouldn't have thought of myself without some inspiration from Bey (yes we're on a first name, nickname basis now ;)). And I think we can all admit that as simple as it is, it does make for one killer outfit!

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