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On so many style blogs this time of year the reasons for the season take a back seat to holiday shopping. Although in the following weeks leading up to Christmas I will be sharing lots of gift ideas, I wanted to take the time today to think about a few of the things I've felt especially thankful for lately :)

01. My "framily" - Six of my friends who all happen to be couples, plus Dan and I make up my "framily" AKA friends who are like family. These are the people who remind me to have fun, stay stress-free, and not take life too seriously. They keep me sane, real, and down-to-earth. Dare I say keep me young? Hehe I'm only 23, but sometimes I swear I act like a grandma. Incredibly thankful to have these fun people in my life!

02. My City - I mentioned it a while back about how lately I'm so appreciative of Milwaukee and all that it has to offer. I love it's charm, it's uniqueness, and the fact that it's small yet because of my new business I am meeting new people every single day! Although I don't want to live here forever, I am thankful for all of the epic experiences I've had in Milwaukee during my lifetime :)

03. My Job - I'm not making money from it yet (which makes it feel weird to call it a job), but I am beyond thankful that I have the opportunity to create a start-up. I know that a big part of starting your own business is in the circumstances and I am super appreciative that everything has fallen into place to make this possible for me ♥

04. My Dance Career - I haven't mentioned this on the blog or talked about dance in a while, but a few weeks ago I officially hung up my dancing shoes and retired from my dance career. I've danced for 20 out of the 23 years of my life so when next season starts and I'm not out there it'll be quite the adjustment for me. Dance has absolutely made me the person I am today. Honestly, I have no clue what I would be like without it. My best friends, my boyfriend, and favorite experiences would be non-existence to me without dance. I could really go on and on about what it has done for me, but I'm trying to keep this post short and sweet ;)

I could also go on and on about the things that I'm thankful for. Like the fact that I'm writing this post on my Macbook (which was a college graduation present), in my warm home while drinking a glass of red wine. Hell, I'm pretty fortunate and I try my best to appreciate these things everyday. Because the time is right to take a second and reflect on these things, I wanted to point out the top 4 that I've been extra grateful for lately ♥

I hope that everyone has the happiest Thanksgiving holiday and gets the chance to stuff their bellies full in a cozy house surrounded by people they love!


Happiness Project: November

Happiness Project: November

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