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Snowy Old World Wedding Inspiration

Snowy Old World Wedding Inspiration


Let me begin here by saying no we are not getting married! My boyfriend, Dan, and I were given the unique opportunity to model for a winter wedding inspiration photo shoot with the very talented Kate Weinstein back in January. I'm still shocked that he agreed to this, but very thankful that he did since the result of these photos are so beautiful.

I think it was pushing 30 degrees that day with just enough wind to feel a little burn on my skin. It was all entirely worth it though to get these perfect photographs, plus I treated myself to a lazy day laying in bed with a mug of hot cocoa when we were finished.

Alright lets talk about the fun stuff now. This gorgeous dress that I was lucky enough to have a chance to wear is BHLDN, the bridal line by Anthropologie. And you must take a closer look at the pics one more time because the jewelry, which is all from the online shop Lizzibeth, is incredibly stunning. I definitely felt fancy wearing that  even though it was just for a few hours. It's the little things my friends :)

A big thank you to Kate for the opportunity and new friendship ♥

Photography & Floral Design : Kate Weinstein

Gown : BHLDN

Jewelry : Lizzibeth

Interior : The Home Market

Hair and Makeup : Laura Timmer

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