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Love Your City

Graphic tee + bomber jacket Graphic tee + bomber jacket

Graphic tee + bomber jacket

Graphic tee + bomber jacketGraphic tee + bomber jacket

  Top : Old Gap | Boyfriend Jeans : Gap | Bomber Jacket : Gap | Shoes : Similar | Bag : Similar | Photos : Resler Photography

Originally, this post was going to be about bomber jackets, because well they're kind of very popular right now so that's what a good style blogger should inform you about right? I changed my mind and instead I want to ask how you guys feel about shirts with sayings on them. (Ironically enough I'm asking for your advice instead. Bad style blogger!?) I wore this "Love Your City" top when meeting up a friend for late lunch at the Milwaukee Public Market which seems incredibly cliché and I am totally aware of that, but it didn't stop me! The other day I sported a shirt that says "The Best is Yet to Come" to my dance practice and I also own a tee stating "Thinking Happy Thoughts." I'm starting to realize this probably isn't normal so I'm wondering…do you find this inspiring and fun or more like a 5 year old? (No matter what your answer is I'll keep wearing these tees ;))

Anyway, I truly believe that some days are just meant for neutrals so I apologize for lack of color in this outfit, but I'm hoping the SUPER cool "Love Your City" top makes up for that :)

Oh and a little warning for my frequent readers, expect to see these shoes in many upcoming posts. They are comfy, classic, and most likely going to be my summer go-to.

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