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Happiness Project: June

"Tackle a nagging task"

Happiness ProjectTo refresh your memory, I read the book "The Happiness Project" a few months back (I posted about it here). I immediately fell in love with the author's active approach to happiness. It was obvious I needed to begin my own year long happiness project, but I wanted to wait until after graduation to begin. I also knew I wanted to start in summer because winter's are much more tough on my mood, this way I would already have a few months of the project down before the dreaded cold! The reason I've chose to share about it on my blog is not because I think everyone (or anyone for that matter) will really care about it, but because it will hold me accountable to actually do it and complete it! I also want to be able to look back on the journey and my progress.

So I started the first month of my project with the concept of "cleaning my plate". What I mean by that is I tried to get rid of clutter, reduce guilt, and overall just get sh*t done! I thought June would be a good month for this since I had just moved back into my parents house June 1st which made it easy to declutter. I made a decision on some things I didn't want anymore, made a few trips to Goodwill, hosted a rummage sale, participated in the Blogger Bazaar, and updated my Blogger's Closet. Not only did I declutter my physical items, I also unsubscribed from tons of emails and unfollowed people on social media accounts whose posts would make me wonder why I was following them to begin with. Not to be mean, these were all things that just helped to clear up my life a little bit on and offline.

In addition to decluttering, I reminded myself everyday of the author's idea to "tackle a nagging task." That quote has been engraved in my brain this past month and has helped me respond to emails and text messages in a more timely manner. The funny thing about nagging tasks is that they usually take 5 minutes or less. It seems like common sense to just do it right away but for some reason when I go through my emails there's always one or two that make me think "oh I'll respond to this later," even though there's no good reason for that! By tackling these types of activities right away it reduced small guilts and left me feeling less weighed down each day. Another thing I realized is that by doing them right away I freed up MORE time. Before I had "tackle a nagging task" on repeat in my brain, I would put things off and sometimes think I couldn't hang out with friends or go to events because of that "I have sooo much to get done" feeling.

So would I say I am happier after month numero uno? Not significantly, but the cool part is that I will carry these mantras with me into month two. I'm sure thinking about these things everyday can only have a positive impact in the long run. Some of my "nagging tasks" for July are scheduling a dentist appointment, telling a friend about a significant life update, and revamping a few things on the blog. Month two here I come!

P.S. I'm interested to hear if you'd ever create your own happiness project?

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