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Happiness Project: July


Happiness Project: July

Well month two of my happiness project has come and gone. Am I a happier person yet? Honestly yes, but probably only because it's summer ;) But that's the whole point of me starting this thing before the winter struggle becomes real. This month began pretty rough. July 1st came and I realized I hadn't planned which aspect of my project I wanted to work on for the month. I went back and forth between a couple different areas that needed work, but none of them felt right for July and I then I was already 10 days in! So I decided to focus on what the author of the original "Happiness Project" called her 12 commandments. I created my own personal list which includes the following:

July Happiness ProjectAll things that I don't remember to do on a day to day basis. These 12 little quotes ended up making everyday life just a little bit more fun! I also made them into a print and hung it up on my bulletin board so that I remember them (feel free to click on the picture and do the same)! Another mantra that I focused on was to "act the way you want to feel." This is a big one. It helped me get through days when I was nannying and just felt too tired to play with the kids or days when I didn't feel in the mood to go to dance practice. Overall, after the first few days of uncertainty, I think July was a success. I continued to execute June's mantra as well which was to "tackle a nagging task." I completed all of the little things I mentioned wanting to get done in June's recap and more! This coming month I will continue to tackle nagging tasks, act the way I want to feel, and focus on a new topic that you can read about in August's recap :)

Has anyone else started their own Happiness Project?

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